Demolishing Hillcrest Elementary is about money. I visited a teacher friend and saw this beautiful school, perfectly landscaped in a nook of homes. It is breathtakingly serene. Why would a recently remodeled school in the middle of a tight-knit neighborhood need to be torn down?

The land it sits on is worth a lot, being across from a mall and adjacent stores, is why.

With the track record of Alpine School District, I don't believe that the students will see that money, it will go to the administrators' obscene salaries and pet projects, not the teachers or students. We are losing a school and neighborhood to greed. I foresee another shopping center and bond, that will be passed to continue to fund a school district that is too large; and a run down neighborhood that will eventually be razed.

There is hope the Hillcrest is still there. Residents should demand answers, How much will the land sale generate? How will that money be spent? How do we ensure that the community does not die? Was the community even considered when the decision was made?

Orem doesn't need another mall. The fix was in 13-0 in favor. They did not care about resident's input. I am questioning the motives of the Alpine School district.

-- Trent Bowen, Orem

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