Campbell: Anti-school bond posts exemplify dirty politics

On my Facebook feed this week, I saw this headline from those opposed to the Provo school bond: “Rampant illegal activity in Provo School District.”

This is the typical “October surprise,” which campaigns use to try to sink candidates and elections. Having covered several of these in my career as a journalist, I see it as nothing except dirty politics when this campaign uses murky photos, GRAMA citations and pejorative terms like “rampant illegal activity.”

While the world likes to slam journalists right now, I am going to say these anti-bond folks are violating some basic principles that us “enemies of the people” and all Americans should hold dear.

  1. You get response from the district. That’s only fair.
  2. You tell us when you got this info and why you waited until now to publish. It appears to be timed to muddy the election.
  3. You follow rules, which say you don’t say something is “illegal” until charges have been filed. That’s basic fair play.

I don’t care which side of this issue you are on. Unfortunately, American politics — and apparently Provo politics — has become “the means (how unethical or immoral) justifies the ends.”

Oh yeah, our president has been setting a great example for this.

— Joel Campbell, Provo

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