Shame on Congressmen John Curtis, Rob Bishop and Chris Stewart for opposing the house bill to censure President Trump.

You just put your stamp of approval on racist comments made by the president. You just OK'd the un-American view of sending all American citizens back to their country of origin, including those born here and those who gained U.S. citizenship.

What does the message on the Statue of Liberty say to the world? My grandparents left their homes in Italy due to oppression, for which I will be eternally grateful. Thank goodness they are not alive to hear the hateful comments coming from a person who should be uniting and not dividing our country. They were hard-working people who helped build this country during and after the Great Depression. I recall, as a young boy, helping my grandmother learn the Pledge of Allegiance, and watching as she took an oath to forsake her native country and adopt America as her new home. — John DePalma, Orem

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