Eyre: How Utah is trying to keep schools safe

This week, The Daily Herald ran an AP story out of Chicago highlighting a school principal who is retiring amidst a lawsuit which came about when she stood idly by while a school resource officer “yanked and shoved the 9-year-old boy out of the building.”

Educators and law enforcement alike are often put into very difficult positions when responding to behavior issues and it isn’t always clear how to proceed.

Clearly in this case the line was crossed, but what can be done to prevent similar situations from happening here in Utah?

Last year, the state of Utah passed HB 120 in an effort to create a multi-disciplinary teaming approach to establishing best practice and model policy in regards to these very issues. With the passing of this bill, legislators in Utah are seeking ways to best equip our schools with appropriate response protocols that will help meet the needs of students and continue to support safe and healthy environments for our youth to attend.

Thank you Rep. Raymond Ward for sponsoring this bill and to all those who helped to pass it into law!

— Scott Eyre, Provo