I am curious as to why Rep. John Curtis supported tabling the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

Even though he said he is closely monitoring the situation, that the whistleblower complaint has been deemed credible and urgent, and Donald Trump has shown a well-documented history of repeated abuses of his office, Rep. Curtis still supported tabling the impeachment inquiry?

Am I misunderstanding something, or is this an instance of Curtis putting party over country? I voted for him because I trust his judgement and because I believed that he would work for all Americans, rather than doing what the GOP wants him to do.

I understand Curtis being a Republican, but I do not understand why he is not at least interested in getting to the bottom of the Ukraine scandal. He might say one thing in public, but his votes seem to tell a different story. I will be watching how he acts during this time, and will actively work to support his opponents if he chooses to toe the party line and put the GOP over the good of the country. I will be watching very closely, and am already encouraging other constituents of Curtis to do the same.

— Brandon Gauchay, Orem