Romney is best hope for impeachment vote

Mitt Romney had my vote in 2012, and I have been pleased to share many of his points of view since he was elected to Congress.

We do differ here and there, however, it seems recently that he is the only Utah representative who even begins to grasp how dangerous and incompetent Donald Trump is. I had hoped that with everything that has come to light, he would be fully against this administration, and even lead Utah in becoming educated about Trump’s seemingly endless list of atrocities. But he is still leaps and bounds ahead of the others, and it’s not close.

Sen. Lee, I’m confident, is a climate-denying sycophant. Other than his stance on net neutrality years ago, I have been consistently disappointed and embarrassed by his leadership. His non-fact, non-reality-based presentations and explanations have left Utahns breathing arguably the most polluted air in the country, and utterly humiliated.

Romney has, at the very least, challenged our president and admitted to cracks in our system. And that makes him our best shot to have this authoritarian president removed. He is our best option for getting our great state and nation back on track. He is the greatest defense to champion Utah into a cleaner tomorrow and remind the world that America has stumbled, but we are back and better than ever — that we have cleaned our house and held accountable anyone who commits crimes against our inspired Constitution.

I pray that he will support having articles of impeachment brought on, and that, if brought to the Senate, he will vote to remove our tyrannical leadership, as the forefathers intended.

— Daniel Johnson, Provo