Dear Editor,

I wholeheartedly agree with Bliss Tew's letter about the United Nations. The United Nations has been presented to the world as some kind of savior government, but in reality, it is the devil working his deceitful plans.

What this world needs is for each individual nation to be able to freely address its own problems without the fear of having its solutions being overrun and undone by the United Nations.

Nations have a much better chance of understanding their own specific problems than a world entity does. And if a nation is trying to solve its problems with solutions that don't work, then we have to let that nation see the failures of its so-called solutions. Rescuing people and nations from their problems doesn't cause motivation to happen.

We learn from having and solving problems, but if people and nations don't learn the easy way, then they have to learn the hard way. How can they learn if they are always being rescued by other nations and their so called money?

The only reason the U.S. is able to give an annual sum of money to the United Nations is because we have a fiat monetary system, based on debt and fake money. If we were using real money — real gold and silver — then we wouldn't be so willing to rescue other nation states out there. We would be focusing a bit more on investing our REAL money into our own nation. We need to realize that a world government such as the U.N. doesn't work. It's based totally on debt and fake money that cannot and will not survive. It's not a sane mathematical solution for any economy.

— Beverly Kingsford, Orem

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