Amendment G a threat to Utah education

ALERT: Be aware that the simple misleading description of Constitutional Amendment G on your Utah ballot does not give indication of the consequences for voting yes. The fact is that a yes vote gives the legislature the right to tap into the income tax which is dedicated solely to funding universities and K-12 programs.

It is well known that Utah schools are vastly underfunded and rank lowest in the United States in most categories -- usually last in dollars provided on a per-pupil basis. The legislature has indicated that if the Amendment is passed it will provide a surplus account as a hedge against a shortfall in education funding. That is perilous. That promise can be broken at any time. Their promises have a hollow ring.

"Support for children and individuals with a disability" should continue to be funded through the General Fund. You must vote "no" on Amendment G to save the tax base for funding education. Amendment G is a serious threat to education in Utah.

-- Vern Brimley, Provo

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