My mind is full of questions in regard to the latest ambush and murders in Mexico near the U.S. border. As a pilot with a commercial rating, I flew many times to small communities in Sonora, Mexico.

This was in the 1980s and 1990s, where I have learned to love and respect the lowly and hardworking people and owners in northern Mexico. They have a saying in Spanish "the bite", wink at it. They have tolerated the graft and growing corruption in high places. And many places of authority seem to live in fear of the drug lords called the drug cartels. I can tell you that these latest killings will be traced to those evil men and women who have joined the cartel, either for greed for fear!

Even the United State border patrol has been compromised and complacent. So, what is to be done?

Here is an idea: we, as regular citizens of the U.S., stop the flow of money going south. It may be a sacrifice but worth trying? No airplane passengers, no cruise ships, no autos, no buses and tourists. No purchase of their products. What pressure would the tourist industries put on their government officials, even the so called honest ones (if any)? 

Within a shorter time than we think, we would see positive results I'll bet. It is called sanctions, but ours will work. Because we would do it voluntarily as Americans, and I think Alaska could use a boost anyway, and Hawaii too! 

But if nothing is done one can predict it will continue to spend like a growing cancer. To our hometowns here, so ask the people living in the colonies of Sonora? 

Someone who knows how to get this boycott going, please rise up! This may be the very reason why you were born.

Jim Haupt, Springville 

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