Bernie an ideal choice

Bernie Sanders is the best presidential candidate that we have had in 60 years. He’s been saying the same things for decades. In 1985, he said:

“We live in a world where there are several hundred million people starving to death, right now; we live in a world where among the superpowers and other nations of the world, close to one trillion dollars is being spent on weapons, on more nuclear bombs, on sophisticated nerve gases that can wipe people out and paralyze them. And yet, with all the brilliance and all the fine technology, and all the great medical research that they do . . . civilization hasn’t advanced one, bloody iota.”

Today, things are even worse: wealth inequality is advancing, the polar regions are melting, millions are becoming homeless and international relations are deteriorating.

No one man or woman can solve these problems. But Bernie is a man of the people, who remains steadfast in his convictions, and he will lead us to work together to regain the promise of American life.

A vote for Bernie is a vote for freedom and a step towards removing the shackles placed on us by the corporate kleptocracy. A vote for Bernie is a vote for government of the people, not the billionaires; by the people, not the billionaires; and for the people.

TOM CALARCO, Bountiful