Letter: Can’t fathom LDS members voting for Trump

Can’t fathom LDS members voting for Trump

I am 91 years old, and I was raised a Mormon in Chicago. Following a mission to Switzerland and Austria, I came to Utah and graduated from the University. I married in the temple and raised four children in the church. But today I cannot understand how decent members who were raised in the same church and taught the same moral teachings could vote for a decadent candidate like Donald Trump.

This election is not about party or ideology, about liberal or conservative, this is about good and evil, about accepting or rejecting everything true and holy about the moral faith set in stone. The church does not accept adultery or fornication, lying or cheating, stealing or bearing false witness, yet those are common practices of the current president.

What will it take for good Mormons to reject this moral cretin, this greed-driven, pitiful excuse for a human being, incapable of loving anything but himself? No one is perfect, but it is not that difficult to recognize the difference between right and wrong. A vote or Donald Trump is an acceptance of evil from which no good can come.

— Ron Molen, Salt Lake City