Coming soon: Survivor's anger

Rich Lowry's excellent alert to the coming backlash against pandemic restrictions left out the most important factor: survivor's anger.

The 99% of us COVID-19 victims who got nothing more than a cold look back on the lockdowns as infuriating. We can remind ourselves that the pandemic death toll is more than 10 times higher than the influenza death toll this year, eight of those times due to the virus itself and the rest from the lockdown. But that is an abstraction, and now that the election is over, the disenfranchised are going to look for something to gripe about. Shutdowns will be first and center.

Why do the one-half of the population that have had it and are immune -- can't get it and can't give it -- still have to forego hugs and sharing a smile? Survivors have been ignored too long! Watch out, Governor! Reprisals are coming!

-- David Don Busath, Orem

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