Congress sacrificed impartiality during SOTU

This past Feb. 4, I was totally distressed during the State of the Union. Senators were loudly mocking the oath that they had taken just weeks before. They swore to be impartial in their duty as jurors in the trial of President Trump.

How could a juror claim impartiality at a loud celebration with the accused before weighing arguments on Feb. 5?

My distress turned to awe as I listened word by word to the extensive reasons presented by one Senator to declare the man guilty on all counts. He had raised his hand with all others, swearing to follow their conscience. And he did!

More than a few years back I also raised my hand to swear loyalty to this USA which I love. THANK YOU SENATOR! I will do my best to follow your example. No matter the consequences.

Cesar Sanchez, Spanish Fork

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