Country above party

There is no country named “Democratica” or “United States of Republicans.” We are citizens of the United States of America and should be united.

But right now I am so disgusted with politics/politicians and so are many others. It is not treason or illegal to vote against someone in your “party.”

We should be voting or supporting the person(s) who we think best for the position, even if they belong to another party or independent. And if we think someone has done something illegal or compromised the country, we have the right to see them removed.

After all, they work for us, not the other way around. Everyone knows that when a politician (not all but most) is running for office, they know just what to say or promise to get your vote, even if it is not true or they don’t mean it. Yes, they will lie to you to get your vote. Why do we support leaders who lie, cheat and deceive us just because they belong to a certain party?

Are we really that gullible? I know--it’s always been that way, but at some point we should say enough! It is wrong to support party above country.