STK - Letter to the Editor

County commissioners, beware of socialism

County Commissioners: you voted to increase our property tax by 67%, ignoring the fact that in the last 6 years our property tax has already risen 50%.

The commissioners are glad handing the people’s trust and stealing our money. I have seen your employees. Far too many of them treat the public with contempt. Far too many of them have nothing to do except collect their regular paychecks.

I used to work for government at the state level and saw the same things there. You spend $10 million for a rodeo arena for a few citizens and force the rest of us to pay for it. The county’s problem is not lack of money, it is lack of respect for those who provide the money.

Beware of your socialism because Utah County residents will not support what you are doing. We need those who manage our county government to insist that employees serve the people or leave their employ. We need county government to be mindful of those who either will not work or have no work to do and cull them from the system.

Stop wasting our money and demanding more. You are not doing your job. Leave.


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