Current economic woes traced to Trump

There is no evidence Trump is the economic genius people think he is. Under Obama and Biden, the economy, after the fall from the recession, began an upward trend. Trump inherited this.

Trump boasts he created 7,000 manufacturing jobs, but during the Obama/Biden presidency 8,000 were created. If you take in the bigger picture, Trump has devastated the economy. The most obvious is with COVID. We are in an economic slump and comparing ourselves to other Western countries, action by the president could mitigate the damage.

Erratic weather is another cost. Every year we spend billions of dollars to repair damage from hurricanes, floods and, in the West, fire suppression and drought, yet Trump's environmental policies are making this worse. Almost all of us paid more on goods from China due to the tariffs Trump imposed. Farmers lost business and solar costs soared. Many lost health insurance, so those costs rose.

Add in all the legal fees on Trump's lawsuits, his weekend golf trips and the before-COVID-trillion-dollar debt. Trump is not a savior for the economy just because he tells us so. Facts prove it is not true.

-- Patty Becnel, Ogden

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