Curtis representing Utah County well

Residents of Utah County can feel proud of our congressional representative, former Provo mayor, John Curtis. The statistics speak for themselves: six of his bills passed into law; 177 town halls; a Clean Air Tour that included a trip through Utah County on the FrontRunner, an electric scooter and the bus rapid transit.

As a constituent and BYU student, climate change is one of my highest political priorities, and I want to see legislation passed to combat it. I am grateful for how Representative Curtis is bringing climate change to the table.

Three weeks ago, Congressman Curtis started a series of weekly two-minute “Climate Chats” viewable on Facebook and Twitter (#CurtisClimateChat). The congressman speaks about this politically charged topic with candor, reason, and insight.

Representative Curtis creates his videos to spark discussion; both constituents and nonconstituents are encouraged to respond to what he says. So go ahead — join the conversation. We can be part of the solution right here and right now. Reduce your carbon footprint in ways that make sense to you, then log onto “Climate Chats” and help Congressman Curtis craft effective national climate policy. Join Mr. Curtis and fellow Utahns in doing a world of good.

Cecilia Foster, Provo