Your decision to side with the Democrats in the impeachment of our president has ensured you will never receive any more votes from the Palmer Family or our extended family, totally about 50 registered voters.

This pains me as I worked with you during the 2002 Olympics, and have supported you both financially and publicly during your runs for various offices. Though we share the same faith, and at one time I believed you were one of the individuals who would support our constitution when it hung by a thread; your recent actions or lack of action to defend it has changed my opinion about your role in the saving of our GREAT nation.

From all outward appearances it appears to many of us in my family and this state, that you have let and continue to let your animosity toward our president shape your decisions. While I may not agree with his public demeanor or actions, President Trump has done what he promised to do during his campaign, specifically Make America Great Again. Our economy is booming, unemployment is down, our military is once again strong.

Surprisingly these are some of the same promises you made during your last presidential run. This disgusts me as you were elected to represent the feelings and wishes of your constituents, which this latest action does not align with. Please enjoy your remaining time in the Senate because I and my family will do everything in our power to see that you are NEVER re-elected to represent us.


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