Don't blame China, blame the CCP

The latest controversy over the naming convention of the COVID-19 virus is just another one of the Chinese communist party's "party tricks," so don't be fooled by its guile nature in shifting the focus. This issue was recently aptly expressed by Josh Rogin from Washington Post's article, "Don't Blame China for the Coronavirus -- Blame the Chinese Communist Party." First of all, we do need to separate the Chinese people from the Chinese communist party (now referred to as the CCP). The Chinese culture has been around for 5,000 years and the CCP for only 70 years. The Chinese people are victims at the mercy of this totalitarian regime and do not have ANY influence over the government's decisions. CCP does not represent China. It's held China and its people under hostage, it's the perfect case analysis of the Stockholm Syndrome.

The world has finally experienced the CCP's tyranny with its unapologetic attitude of spreading this deadly virus and even falsely claiming that the virus was spread by the US military. The world needs to recognize that the CCP is a plague and it needs to be eradicated. Henceforth, this pandemic should be renamed the CCP virus.

Cheyenne Liu, Sandy

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