Letter: Fashion should reflect all women’s body types

At a glance, shopping is viewed as a fun experience all women supposedly enjoy. But sadly, often women come away from a shopping trip, whether it be online or in the store, discouraged. Discouraged because the way the clothes look on the model, may look very different than what they look like on our own bodies.

From a young age, girls are constantly exposed to the same “ideal body,” in the media as well as even their Barbie toys. Subconsciously this creates the perception that only the ideal shape is, “beautiful.” Today more than ever this way of thinking if amplified due to young teens having more access to the internet and social media, causing major insecurities.

We, as consumers, should want models to represent the images of women who are evident in our society, because size 0 is not the social norm. We should be able to see ourselves in these women. Consumers can do their part in helping stop this epidemic by supporting brands that use models of all shapes and sizes this holiday season.

Already, there are numerous companies around the world doing their best to try and fix this problem, a few being Aerie, Anthropology, Outdoor Voices, and more! As brands and their models begin to be portrayed by a diversity of sizes,women will be more able to see themselves in a position of societal beauty.

In return, many of their insecurities brought on by previous modelling standards will begin to diminish. Too often we see women fixated on achieving the ideal body image and going to great lengths to do so. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Do not let this beholder be society, but rather yourself.