From an American suburban wife of a husband

Recently President Donald Trump tweeted to all the “suburban housewives of America.” While the meaning of the term “housewife” is unclear, I am going to assume Trump was tweeting to me. Trump’s tweet asks me to read an anti-Biden article and then declares that his opposing presidential candidate, Joe Biden, if elected, would “destroy (my) neighborhood and (my) American Dream.”

I would like to let Trump know that this “suburban housewife” grew up benefiting from affordable housing.

This “suburban housewife” enjoys neighbors from disparate backgrounds.

This “suburban housewife” desires to have “high-density affordable housing smack in the middle of (my) leafy neighborhood” where my children and I can learn with and grow old with families who live in high-density housing.

This “suburban housewife” is distinctly similar to the women living in affordable housing.

This “suburban housewife” recognizes that I am only in this home, with these parks and these schools in this suburb because I have privileges and support beyond my control.

This “suburban housewife” is deeply saddened that the president of the United States uses one group of people against another, undervaluing both, for, what appears to be, votes.

In the end, I realize that Trump’s tweet was not written for me, but for himself.

— Natasha Rogers, Springville