Health laws protect us all

Ryne Williams quoted several BYU students (B.I., E.C., K.R., K.R., and, their families), who describe public health measures and BYU efforts to enforce such measures as violations of their personal liberties. Consider that traffic laws (running lights, speed limits, stop signs, etc.) are also constraining. Are such laws inappropriate violations of personal liberty? Like traffic laws, public health laws -- and they ARE laws -- protect us all. Like running lights, masks protect us from the unseen danger of viral infections. Like speed limits and stop signs, masks, social distancing, quarantines and contact tracing slow dangerous viral infections that can race through populations at dizzying speeds. Which do you value most, freedom to speed along in the dark or constraints that protect against unseen, and in the case of COVID-19, unseeable dangers?

-- Stevan Lars Nielsen, Orem

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