Hold on just a minute, Mr. Romney

Mr. Romney, I will not let you be unjust and be so quick in accusing President Trump to be responsible for the actions in the Capitol the other day. I voted for you in 1996, and bemoaned your loss as I abhor the Democratic platform, but accepted the results, please do not compare your loss (the election was more or less legal then) to the loss President Trump has suffered. Our last election in many states was fraudulent, full of irregularities. This is why Mr. Trump and the majority of the American people have been demonstrating for justice and integrity of an election.

We want a strong America. People are fleeing from socialist, communist countries to come here and enjoy the freedom and liberty this country offers. To get away from government's encroachment, I will always fight for justice and will not accept an impostor victory.

-- Lucette Allen, Salem

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