How about malpractice insurance for police?

Doctors. Nurses. Lawyers. Therapists. Counselors. Accountants. Engineers. Architects. Real Estate Agents. People working in these professions carry liability insurance. It’s time to require liability insurance for police officers.

We know the unions don’t want this. But their jobs result in death. Over a thousand last year, 319 so far this year. There have been only three days in 2021 where police officers did not kill someone.

Police officers are killing people that provided for families, leaving people begging for donations on GoFundMe to cover funeral costs for their loved ones. Malpractice insurance may be one of the most effective ways to force police officers to try using all of the non-lethal de-escalation tactics available to them before using their guns. We need to require insurance policies that will cover compensation for legal fees, medical bills and funeral costs, and when an officer makes choices that harm others, their insurance rates will increase. Restraining orders from police family members, police reports for domestic violence from an officer, lawsuits, and write-ups for excessive force should increase their insurance rates, because they are risk factors that increase the likelihood of violence on the job.

I urge Sen. Lee and Sen. Romney to not let the unions prevent them from writing and passing legislation that will help keep them accountable for their actions and protect the public from the burden of paying the costs of their legal representation and compensation for wrongful death with our tax dollars.

-- Jordan Tomkinson, Provo

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