Alicia Alba is convinced that President Trump is guilty of "High Crimes and Misdomeaners" worthy of impeachment.

I watched the proceedings and never saw one witness with firsthand knowledge of what was said in the phone conversation with Zelensky. It was all second hand, third party, or a preconceived notion.

Not one firsthand, those with firsthand knowledge were not allowed to testify. Talk about stacking the deck.

Besides, when did Ukraine become our ally? Obama certainly didn't think they were. He withheld military aid. Although he did supply humanitarian aid in the form of food and bedding.

If Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter was given a $50,000 a month job with Burisma, by the use of quid pro quo, why shouldn't he be investigated?

Or are the Democrats to be given a free pass?

BY TOM TRINNAMAN, Pleasant Grove

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