Implement voucher program for gifted students

I have recently been researching school vouchers for gifted students. We have a lot of gifted students in Utah. This means that regular public schools cannot always keep up with students who learn quicker and the students start to lack in school because they understand concepts a lot faster than their peers.

Voucher programs would be able to provide cheaper alternatives to area-assigned public education. Vouchers would also be able to create competition between public and private schools and it could improve Utah's 87.4% graduation rate. When parents and students have the opportunity to choose their school or method of schooling, parents become more involved and students enjoy their education.

Utah's current voucher program only applies to students with disabilities. However, if we implement a voucher program for gifted students, Utah's future generations will be able to have a brighter future and a happier life filled with continuous learning.

-- Abigail Coleman, Lehi

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