As I, a conservative Republican voter, have watched the events leading up to and surrounding the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, I have been disappointed in most of Utah’s elected representatives and senators in Congress.

I had hoped, that being from Utah, our elected federal officials would have done everything in their power to bring out the truth about President Trump’s actions. Unfortunately, I have seen serious injustice done to our Constitution and country by the actions of not just most of our elected congressional officials but by most of all of the elected Congress.

It is quite apparent that partisan posturing and politicking are in play. However, it is also apparent from the facts I have seen come out that President Trump has indeed committed impeachable offenses that, if left unchecked, endanger our Constitution, our democracy and all the world’s democracies by permitting criminal behavior to be “above the law.”

It is interesting in Trump’s impeachment trial that the House managers have presented indisputable facts given by credible witnesses and that Trump’s White House lawyers have presented discredited conspiracy theories, promulgated by our totalitarian enemies, and assertions (“deep state”, not impeachable offenses, etc) intended to deflect attention from the facts.

In no case has the White House offered up those witnesses with firsthand knowledge to dispute the facts unearthed by the House investigation, as any innocent accused would seek to do. To the contrary, Trump has prevented their testimony and kept evidence from the House, despite constitutionally lawful subpoenas, by ordering them not to cooperate, which is obstruction of Congress.

Now, with an impeachment trial underway in the Senate, I had hoped the individual senators would perform their constitutional duty to act as impartial jurors in hearing the evidence. And I had hoped that in light of Trump’s obvious obstructionism that the Senate would vote to hear more witnesses, specifically those with firsthand knowledge of Trump’s actions, to bring out the truth. Is this not the point of a trial, to bring forth the truth and then judge accordingly?

I was extremely disappointed the Senate voted mainly along party lines to obstruct the discovery of truth. I was pleased with Senator Mitt Romney’s vote for witnesses; he sees President Trump for what he is, a very manipulative, flattering and wicked man. However, I have been extremely disappointed in Senator Mike Lee’s vote to not stand up for the discovery of truth in performing his constitutional duties.

I have been further distressed to know that all during the House investigation, Sen. Lee apparently, according to news reports, worked as the “point” man in coordinating the president’s defense between the Senate and White House lawyers. This conduct shows Sen. Lee never intended to be impartial at all, contrary to his oath to support our Constitution, but instead shows he supports his party over his country and its constitution.

President Trump does not deserve to remain the president of the United States. I have watched him constantly lie, constantly slander anyone who ventures to oppose him or his conduct, constantly put himself before our country and us, and constantly engage in activities that endanger our democracy and way of life, as well as all democracies all over the world.

He admires dictators and tyrants, wishing he could wield over us the complete power they have over their countries. He constantly flatters those who support him by telling them the things they want to hear in order to keep their support through his deceptions. President Trump is a very wicked man who should not be our president!

I thought that as a senator, and especially as a senator from Utah, Sen. Lee would vote for truth and righteousness but have been very disappointed in his vote to support criminal behavior and make a wicked man “above the law”. I will express my disappointment in Sen. Lee by not giving him my vote in the upcoming election, no matter his opponent in my precinct caucus, the State Republican Convention, the Primary Election and the General Election, no matter his opponent!