I am grateful for this beautiful earth.

I live in the shadow of Mt. Timpanogos and Cascade Mountain where these mountains rise majestically to the north and east of us. We’ve hiked these foothills and mountains. I have friends who hike, mountain bike, run, snowshoe, collect insects and horseback ride in these places. Many just enjoy looking up at these incredible views.

I grew up with the mountains above Springville in my own backyard. We moved to this particular area in Provo more than 20 years ago and did so because we wanted to be where we could look out and see this view and experience these outdoor treasures.

In the past eight months I’ve taken a stance against developments in these very foothills. I’m not against development — I know Provo is growing and needs places for people to live. But when developments carve up the mountain sides with roads and cover over these foothills with houses and condos, they are gone. Gone are the meadows of wildflowers, the nooks and crannies and dens of the wildlife in the area. Gone are the trees and shrubs for bird habitat. Gone are these views of unspoiled, majestic mountain splendor.

We have been counseled to be good stewards of this earth. I believe that means keeping the earth beautiful for generations to come. My heartfelt wish is to keep what’s left of Provo’s foothills and mountains the unspoiled treasures they are.

If you are concerned about this, like I am, please write to our mayor, Michelle Kaufusi, all Provo City Council members and members of the Provo Planning Commission. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! This is a pivotal time in Provo’s history.