Limit president’s war powers

I urge Sen. Lee, Rep. Curtis and Sen. Romney to act immediately in support of the War Powers Resolution now before the House of Representatives.

We cannot leave the power to declare war in the hands of one individual, even the hands president of the United States. This goes far beyond conducting state business over social media.

In our democratic republic, the blood of those we kill is on all of our hands. The American people will live under a cloud of shame for generations if the country continues forward on this path.

All Americans deserve proper representation before our great nation heads into war, jeopardizing the lives of our citizens. Declaring war in these circumstances doesn’t affect only the brave folks who mobilize into harm’s way as we speak. We are all in danger. The only war we need to conduct at this moment is to fight against the tyranny perpetrated by our own president.

Again, I beg my elected officials to raise their voices and support limiting the power of the president to declare war unilaterally. They are the only recourse their constituents have to make our passionate objections to this war.

Grace Atkinson, Springville

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