Looking for a leader who reflects my values

I am a mother of five, a registered Republican, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I'm voting for Joe Biden for President.

As a member of the church, I'm looking for a leader who reflects my Christian values. We need a president who values humility. When Biden makes mistakes he doesn't blame those around him, or pretend he didn't actually say what we all heard. He acknowledges his error, and seeks to understand how to fix it.

One of the tenets of Christianity is to love thy neighbor. I want a president who doesn't think "neighbor" only means the people who live in the next penthouse over. Biden knows that "Love thy neighbor" means to love all, regardless of their religion, skin color and sexual identity.

Growing up in an LDS family, integrity was a core belief. As a society, we need to collectively say, "Honesty is important. Integrity is valued."

We have the choice this November of deciding the kind of leader we want for America. The choice we make will define the kind of country we want. I choose Joe Biden because I want a country that values humility, compassion and integrity.

-- Kathryn Madsen, Provo

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