Whatever happened to INTEGRITY?

A crisis of faith is a sad, wrenching thing. Honor Code not perfect. Perhaps tweaking of ecclesiastic endorsement needed. But one little matter seems to be forgotten -- INTEGRITY.

BYU admission is a highly competitive opportunity for faithful members of the church. Each admitted student makes a contract with the church and the Lord. When circumstances in a person's life leads one to break the contract, a person with true integrity just ought to leave BYU. A choice -- integrity or lying, cheating, faking. Interesting that organizations have sprung up to help justify and support dishonorable choices.

They and self deception can help students without integrity to accept the honor and reputation of becoming a BYU grad under false pretenses.

And for every semester that a person without integrity remains in school after he or she has broken the contract, a worthy student is denied being at BYU. How sad.

Dee V. Jacobs, Provo

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