Mask up, America!

Dr. Gale Skousen, MD, points out in his video that one simple step could bring an end to the coronavirus pandemic and save us from possibly the worst human tragedy since the black plague of the Middle Ages.

Everyone needs to wear a homemade facemask. A handkerchief or a T-shirt can be used for this. Professional facemasks should be saved for the healthcare workers on the front lines of this epic battle.

Dr. Skousen says that most people who get the virus will only get mild symptoms, but if they pass the virus on to a vulnerable person (including the elderly), that person may die. The facemask will not protect the wearer, but it may save someone else’s life. Dr. Skousen points out that Singapore has done this and has avoided the coronavirus pandemic.

So, let’s all wear homemade facemasks and put an end to the economic devastation that we are facing.

Mask up, America!

Thank you, Dr. Skousen.

John Drummond, Payson

Need more balance in national news

When I first subscribed to the Daily Herald last winter, I was expecting to read local news with some “fair and balanced” national news. As the weeks progressed to months it has become increasingly apparent that your national news is VERY biased. The Monday, April 6 issue really was an overkill: Two anti-Trump articles plus an anti-Trump cartoon. The two negative articles together would nearly fill one full page. However, I recognize that you do make an attempt to balance your Opinion page. Thank you!

All of your national news comes from AP news articles making it hard to find either positive Republican news or negative Democratic news. There are other news sources out there. My hope is for balanced national news, even if you have to write it in-house.

Stanley Glazner, Santaquin