Meaningful solution found for surprise medical billing

As someone with a few chronic conditions that leave me in a very vulnerable spot no matter where I go, it is imperative that choosing a substantial and meaningful solution to surprise medical billing.

While some states have taken action to address this problem, far too many patients in states like Utah are still exposed. It’s time for Congress to act. However, it is also critical that any legislative proposal Congress pass address this issue in a way that does not create new problems in our health care system. Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) will only positively impact our accessibility and quality of care.

Sen. Romney should help support and advance this much-needed solution. So that Patients are protected and our health care system can continue giving quality care to all those in need, not just who can afford skyrocketing costs of out- of- network care.

Tiffany Richards, Lewisville

Let’s make a plan to live in balance with the Earth

We live on a rotating blue ball, perfect distance from the sun such that natural cycles developed to create life. I stand in awe of this astounding phenomenon.

But this tender world we live in is hurting. These natural cycles have been rapidly thrown out of balance by the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of carbon sinks like forests and wetlands. We are damaging our climate.

Utah’s climate is warming at twice the rate of the global average. Heat waves are becoming more common. Snow is melting earlier in spring. Wildfires are more intense. Asthma is on the rise. We have already made conditions worse for the health of young people and are on our way to committing our grandchildren and the unborn to an uncertain future. Lancet Countdown director Nick Watts said: “The damage done in early childhood lasts a lifetime. Without immediate action from all countries, climate change will come to define the health of an entire generation.”

We can’t go back to former conditions. But with all the solutions available and our human ingenuity, we can live in balance with nature. Let’s start with an honest price on carbon.

Karen Jackson, Salt Lake City

UVU magazine cover on Gov. Herbert just propaganda

I’m writing about the recent cover of the UVU magazine put out here in Utah County.

The cover features Gov. Herbert as “Person of the Year.” How can he be person of the year when he’s supporting a tax hike all over the whole State of Utah? How can he be considered as person of the year when he recently funded the U.N. coming to SLC last August to hold their yearly conference? The U.N. is not for national sovereignty or our U.S. Constitution. They are for world government.

So, why is Utah supporting this? Gov. Herbert is also supporting the huge expansion of UVU, which the roads of Orem cannot handle. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations has also been appointed as president of UVU.

We have high rise apartment complexes being built all over Utah, which supports a U.N. agenda to get people off their own land where they might be able to grow a good garden and fruit trees. How much more socialism can we stand here in Utah?

This picture of Gov. Herbert was put there to help save his reputation and image because he is destroying it with all the tax hikes he is recently pushing. The cover is propaganda.

Beverly Kingsford, Orem