More parking passes being sold than available parking

I am a student resident in the Foothills neighborhood of Provo, a senior at BYU. I have enjoyed living here in Provo a lot; this is a safe, friendly and interesting place to live. The vibrancy afforded to the area by the university and the many pro-people policies regarding business, housing, and transportation make it very nice indeed.

There is one element of concern though: Student apartment complexes selling more parking passes than they have spaces, requiring that many of its tenants have to park on Provo city streets each night; paying a private company to use public infrastructure.

To put another way, these tenants are paying-in for the chance at off-street parking despite knowing that the odds are not in their favor; does that not sound like gambling to you? It is a gamble, that is for sure, as a tenant never knows if they’ll be the lucky one to get a parking space that night or if they’ll be parking on the street. But maybe next time.

I am not suggesting that more streets be opened for student parking, etc. I am requesting a change in city code that prevents student apartments from selling more private parking permits than the amount of private parking spaces they provide. If I knew that I would have to park on the street every night because I did not get a private parking permit, then I would strongly reconsider bringing my own vehicle to school and I cannot be the only one of that mind. Street parking is already a considerable reality and I don’t see this change increasing it at all.

Perhaps the complexes will make up for the lost revenue by hiking rent rates but they’re doing that anyway. And that’s a whole other topic. At least they would stop profiting off of this un-rendered service.


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