Reading the letters to the editor can be extremely disappointing. It is obvious where many get their news sources.

To say that President Trump "has kept crucial witnesses from testifying and withheld information," for example, shows how uninformed many are about the present impeachment episode including the separation of powers. Congress does not have power over the executive branch except for some oversight.

Were any of these writers aware of the shameless House hearings in the basement of the Capitol where no Republican witnesses could be called and many questions they asked were deflected by Adam Schiff?

Were there not three liberal law professors against one Democrat law professor who said this was a thin case against the president. Did they hear Adam Schiff's 'parody' of President Trump's letter to the Ukraine President?

What ever happened to the whistleblower who was to be the key witness, yet because he had contacted Schiff's staff, was deemed unnecessary by Schiff to hear his/her testimony? Senator Sanders likes to call President Trump a 'pathological liar,' yet never seems to outline any specific lie.

No one talks about the pressure put upon the Democrat House members to hold the line on impeachment. Yet the claim by Pelosi and Nadler years ago that impeachment should be bipartisan disappeared quickly. One of the problems is that people never read the president's actual letter to Ukraine's president.

There was no threat made in that phone call and no investigation was ever started or even announced. No one has really answered the question about Joe Biden's son who was dismissed from a military academy for drug possession and later stopped by police who found drug materials in his car.

Does it seem reasonable that anyone would hire this kid for $83,000/month when he had no experience? Have these writers listened to Joe Biden brag about his threat to the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was looking into his son's board membership and then threatened that Ukraine would not get $1.5 billion unless they fired him? And the prosecutor was fired and the group Joe told this to laughed.

Funny how little people really investigate these matters and simply listen to the nightly news from stations that are obviously anti-Trump.

When I see an article by the Associated Press, I cringe over the bias in their reporting. My counsel to these writers is to 'get informed' before you put your name out in public.

Doug Brinley, Provo