Letter: Personal foul on BYU fan base

After further review, the ruling is confirmed that the BYU Fan base is too hard on its athletics, specifically the football program. BYU has one of the largest fan bases in college football, but with many fans come many voices. Frequently these voices create a negative atmosphere surrounding coaches and players. Shortly after the 2019 losses to Toledo and USF, the hashtag, #FireKalani flooded social media in attempt to rid BYU of its head coach, Kalani Sitake. This is not the first time negative emotion has been displayed by BYU fanbase. In 2018, fans were known to boo quarterback Tanner Mangum after not performing to their expectations. After leaving BYU, Mangum spoke about the effect fan’s discouraging criticisms had. He states, “Football and fame are fickle, and if I only sought solace in a subjective stadium of opinions and outcomes, I wouldn’t find genuine, unconditional happiness.” As fans, it is crucial to remember that Coaches and players are people too. Real feelings, real emotions lie inside them similar to us. As students, we’ve all felt the negative effects that come from high expectations. Let us remember the words of Robin Sharma, “Words can inspire, words can destroy, choose yours well”.

Tyler Starley, Orem