I recently became a citizen of this great country. With, sadness I watch how our president, who is supposed to be an example for all generations, has betrayed his oath of office and engaged in serious misconduct by soliciting a vulnerable foreign country to investigate his political rivals and froze vital funds they needed to fight the Russians, compromising our national security.

In addition to that, even after saying he is the most transparent president multiple times, he has kept crucial witnesses from testifying and withheld information. If he is as innocent as he claims, why not clear his name? Instead, he has chosen to obstruct Congress.

I would expect that Mike Lee and Mitt Romney can put country over party and vote to remove this tyrannical and corrupt president.

I have seen how other Latin American countries became corrupt in the hands of people who bent the laws and interpreted them for their personal gain.

I'm worried that Mr. Trump's misconduct could set a precedent that would open the door for this and more serious misconduct by a president of any party, especially Trump himself in the 2020 elections.

I would expect the Senate to conduct a fair trial where the facts are analyzed and to avoid rigging its judicial duties by coordinating with the White House to cover up the president's sins.

BY MOISES ORTIZ, Eagle Mountain

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