Reader can't stomach all of Doone's diet suggestions

Prake Doone, in his June 30 letter encourages us all to eat “convenient, healthful, delicious, plant-based veggie burgers, veggie dogs, etc.” He seems to be convinced that by eating actual meat we are choosing between food poisoning and cancer.

A check at my grocer revealed that two patties of plant-based burger cost $6.39, a cost of about $3.20 a patty. A four pack of hamburger cost $4.99 or about $1.25 a patty. I bought both, but being considered cheap and preferring the taste of meat (there is a difference), I will buy beef products in the future.

I then went to a local burger place and purchased their plant-based “Impossible Burger.” With the number of toppings and condiments, on the product, I could not discern any difference in taste; so, with all the different burger prices the same (for now) price was not a concern there.

For years it has been common knowledge that if the core temperature of the meat you cook is 165 degrees, all pathogens are eliminated. Likewise, by NOT over-cooking (which most of us agree improves taste) you do not generate cancer-causing compounds. Common sense and proper cooking therefore eliminate Mr. Doone’s listed objections to eating meat.

The letter also encouraged nut-based ice cream and other dairy-free desserts, and everyone can make up their own mind on those items. Again, personal preference should rule.

I know there are vegans who preach that “meat is murder,” but I might make a similar argument against their eating of plants. After all, plants are living organisms also and some adherents of Jainism refuse to kill an entire plant in the obtaining of food. They, like Mr. Doone are welcome to their opinion.

In short, I salute and endorse the choices Mr. Doone makes in his Independence Day meal and hope he might do the same for me. We should always have the right to choose what, and how much we will eat without some government entity or bureaucrat trying to dictate what our diet should consist of. I thank Mr. Doone for not making any such recommendations, but there are those in our country who would. They should never be allowed to do so.

-- Neil Mitchell, Provo

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