Letter: Rep. Curtis not acting like a moderate Republican

I am constituent of Rep. John Curtis. I’m extremely disappointed with him and the rest of the Republicans in the House. His partisan posturing with his letter to Adam Schiff, his statements, demanding to see classified information appears to have been meant to mislead people who aren’t paying attention, to show the GOP and Donald Trump that he is more loyal to them than he is to Utahns, the country, the Constitution, and his oath of office. His constituents are sick and tired of the GOP cult of personality.

Rep. Curtis campaigned and won on being a moderate. He is acting nothing like a moderate now. Every single person in Congress and the country should want to see the hearings go public so everyone can decide if the president’s conduct was OK. If he truly did nothing wrong, why would Rep. Curtis oppose this? He should be the first person pushing for it. Alternatively and more likely, he knows Trump did some bad stuff, and he wishes to hide that ... Is Rep. Curtis not an accomplice to criminal activity? That would be a betrayal. I thought the Representative had more character and integrity than that. I urge him to support transparency with the American people and not seek any longer to obstruct our ability to have the facts.

Julie Nance, Provo