I appreciate the local news in your publication, and in fact, need it to function properly as a citizen. Thank you.

Today, the day of the SOTU, you published an editorial article by Gary D. Brown. The timing reflects poorly on you. This is a day to seek to come together as a country. The article is the worst kind of Alinsky-ish persuasive rubbish. We readers who have looked for facts, not bloviation, know that nothing that President Trump did was an impeachable offense. That is not debatable, it is a fact. The person who was supposed to have been pressured stated clearly that he was not pressured. He was not aware of any delay in aid until a month after it started. No amount of imaginings or accusations by people standing around can overcome the facts.

As I grew up we trusted the media to tell us the truth. Nearly all such trust is now gone, as far as politics is concerned. Those of us who understand or lived the horrors of government gone awry feel the intense importance of the political war now being waged by the extreme progressive movement and the media which has supported it.

Thank you for all of the positive and truthful work you do.