Letter: Stronger effort needed to curb sexual abuse videos

Stronger effort needed to curb sexual abuse videos

When will our Utah-elected U.S. congressmen affect reasoned, moral, vocal and effective legislation to combat the surge in online videos of child sexual abuse?

Our elected representatives are shirking their collective accountability to current and future generations. There has been, and continues to be, a frightening rise in the distribution of child sexual abuse videos across powerful internet platforms.

As media reports about QAnon distract our attention to perceived threats which never existed, the exponential increase in horrific, online video content, and the underlying crimes, continue unabated. Our congressmen hold a distinct moral obligation to sponsor comprehensive legislation to sufficiently and continually fund the tracking and prosecution of these criminal actors, as well as efforts to protect the victims.

For many U.S. citizens this issue currently takes a backseat to C-19 and failing family finances. The children who have been and continue to be abused have an equally urgent need for federal assistance. Internet titans, and our elected politicians, must be held accountable to root out and eradicate this scourge!

— Eric Weck, St. George