Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is superb!

Amy Barrett will abide by our Constitution and Bill of Rights and thus help to preserve our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Democratic Republic.

During the confirmation hearings, Amy Barrett was at peace, calm, completely honest and without guile. She spins nothing. She gives it straight. She quickly sees when she is being led down the path into a trap and exposes the person who is trying to trap her.

She speaks off the top of her head with no notes. She speaks with clarity and brevity. Amy is filled with goodness. She does not respond with anger to vicious attacks. She is extraordinarily intelligent and knowable. Amy is of the highest integrity. She does not back down under great pressure. She holds to her positions and her beliefs. She is completely independent in her thinking and in her decisions. Amy is a devout Catholic with seven children, two of which are adopted children from Haiti.

What strikes me most is that she radiates goodness. That her "being" is goodness. That she is complete innocence.

-- Curtiss E. Weidmer, Orem

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