Talking back to 'Talkback Tuesday'

I wish to respond to some of the opinions offered in the paper's "Talkback Tuesday." Many of the readers of this paper are quick to respond to President-elect Joe Biden's professed goal to enter office in January and unify an increasingly divided nation with baseless claims such as, "actually, Biden wants one-party rule and control just like Communist China." What these readers may not realize, however, is that making comments such as these only drive the wedge of division deeper.

Naturally, I responded to these readers' letters with internal frustration due to the frivolous claims that a man whose image screams "moderate Democrat" is openly trying to undermine the Constitution. But I believe that screaming angrily back at these comments would only be counterproductive. I applaud the President-elect on his desire to bring the nation back together. Let us move forward with this new administration and remove divisive, misleading, and spurious language and claims from public discord. It starts with us.

-- Grant Baldwin, Provo

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