The proposed cap increase on property tax in Utah County is garbage

We received a postcard in the mail indicating that our property taxes in Utah County may go up in 2020, and that we could call our three county commissioners. We were outraged so we called all three commissioners: Bill Lee, Nathan Ivie, and Tanner Ainge. We got a recorded line on all three but Bill Lee’s office was kind enough to call us back; the others did not!

We attended a Town Hall meeting where we were hoping to hear all three commissioners express their views on why the proposed property tax increase and hopefully get the opportunity to speak up on the issue. Unfortunately we were given a 2 hour and 10 minute presentation pointing out why we do need a tax increase. At least Bill Lee presented a plan to decrease our spending and not increase our property taxes. His plan was well laid out and made us believe that trimming the government fat was indeed a possibility, otherwise we would be stuck with Nathan Ivie’s and Tanner Ainge’s proposal to keep spending tax payers dollars!

Tanner Ainge had the audacity to recommend we spend $70-$90 million on a new county building! He said our current building would “expire” in 12-14 years because it was built in 1985! Just because a government submits a plan for more money doesn’t mean we have to give it to them! To make matters worse, Tanner Ainge and Nathan Ivie are acting like Congress spending like crazy without any restraints! I thought they were Republicans not Democrats! Furthermore, those two never proposed any tax cuts. With Utah County being one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, we should have a surplus of tax revenues with increased businesses and increased populations! Just look how fast Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, and Lehi have grown! With explosive growth, we should also have explosive tax revenue! So why are they asking for an increase in our property taxes? Let’s stop this insanity of increasing our Utah County tax proposal by writing or calling the Commissioners and go to their vote on Dec. 11.

Laurel Udall, Lindon