Thwart Chinese domination by wearing a mask

Thwart Chinese government domination, wear a mask

In the midst of the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, several things are clear:

1. The Communist Chinese government did not inform the rest of the world about the COVID-19 virus until it had begun spreading outside China.

2. The purpose of wearing a mask during a global pandemic is to help keep the virus from being spread by people who have the virus but don’t know it.

3. Although Governor Herbert has encouraged the wearing of masks, neither he nor the state legislature have required it.

4. The medical profession in general, and religious leaders throughout the country (including Utah) have recommended it.

This leads to several conclusions:

1. During a global pandemic, congregating in shoulder-to-shoulder groups, especially while not wearing masks, is risky and can promote the spread of the virus.

2. This behavior also promotes the Communist Chinese government’s avowed desire for world domination.

3. During a pandemic, wearing a mask in public shows that we are considerate of others. Not wearing a mask in public shows the opposite. Exceptions are made for infants and persons who have medical reasons for not wearing a mask.

4. Inconvenience, and putting your desires above the needs of others, are not valid reasons for not wearing a mask in public.

— Roger Scanland, Orem

Time to pass Dream and Promise Act

Our country has a long history of mistreating and marginalizing immigrant communities, and considering the recent counter-attacks made on immigrant youth by the president following the Supreme Court’s ruling in support of DACA, the issue could not be more timely.

The immigration system, as it currently exists, is broken. It separates families, destroys relationships, trivializes trauma, and deepens inequality. While all of these problems cannot be completely solved with one piece of legislation, I am calling on Mitt Romney and Mike Lee to do their part in lessening the burden on immigrant youth by supporting HR 6, the Dream and Promise Act. After all, until legislation supports our youth, they will have no where to look in this country they call home for permanent protection.

After being passed by the House of Representatives, the Dream and Promise Act has been overwhelmingly publicly supported by faith leaders, business owners, and individuals locally and nationally. The time is now to make this act a priority and refuse to relent until it has become law. Let it be done in the name of goodness, grace, justice and morality.

— Faith Williams, Provo

Push the envelope for United States Postal Service

I am writing today to voice my support for the United States Postal Service.

They provide an invaluable service and duty to this country and need to be protected as an institution. So many people rely on them for communication, commerce, and civic duty — including voting and paying taxes.

Rep. Curtis, Sen. Lee, and Sen. Romney must do whatever is in their power to support the USPS and provide them the stimulus relief they need to continue serving the people of this country. Mail-in voting is no more risky than outdated electronic systems — and many other government processes rely on the USPS as well, such as filing taxes each spring.

The USPS is essential and we need to keep it.

— Amber Sorensen, Provo

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