Unvaccinated clinging to a Delta farce

Dr. Fauci says the Delta variant is the most serious threat to the elimination of COVID.

Dr. Fauci, a politician with a tongue so forked he has survived and thrived in two diametrically opposed partisan administrations, is using the politician’s gift of flattery to the max here. He is teaching Americans to believe that the Delta variant could not have been prevented here, just like a virus from Wuhan could not have been prevented here.

By far, no, we the American people are the most serious threat to the elimination of COVID. It is our ignorance, apathy, and the kinds of rages we have engaged in for a long time, that are the culprits here.

The unvaccinated in America have established themselves as a separate, almost secessionist, section of the country within the larger body politic. They are daring “Delta” to harm them.

Because of our particular American personality disorders, we have not for a long time been a people focused on prevention. Health professionals like Fauci know that the more things are broken, the more money must be thrown at providing soothing therapy for them. That suits them just fine.

-- Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross

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