Utah's population growth causing resource issues

Utah’s population growth is becoming overwhelming to many of the residents. And I think it’s important to express the concerns it’s causing them.

COVID-19 didn’t stop people from moving here, in fact, Utah has had one of the highest growth rates in the nation. Many reasons why are because of rapid development and job opportunities. More job availability is a great thing, but when it’s bringing in large amounts of people, concerns for resources will be brought up.

Some of the major recourse concerns are with housing. The demand for housing has increased, so finding available housing that is also affordable, is becoming almost impossible. At the same time building a house is just as hard, and prices have gone up. With housing, you also have air conditioning, heating and clean water to take into consideration. Another concern is more traffic and crowding. With more traffic comes longer travel times and bad air quality.

The population growth in Utah is affecting the quality of life many residents are having. Utah’s government and authorities need to start finding ways to calm the concerns -- and with the help of businesses and residents find solutions to the problems that the population is causing.

-- Emma Hyde, Lehi

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