STK - Letter to the Editor

UVU magazine cover just propaganda

I’m writing about the recent cover of the UVU magazine put out here in Utah County.

The cover features Gov. Herbert as “Person of the Year.” How can he be person of the year when he’s supporting a tax hike all over the whole State of Utah? How can he be considered as person of the year when he recently funded the U.N. coming to SLC last August to hold their yearly conference? The U.N. is not for national sovereignty or our U.S. Constitution. They are for world government.

So, why is Utah supporting this? Gov. Herbert is also supporting the huge expansion of UVU, which the roads of Orem cannot handle. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations has also been appointed as president of UVU.

We have high rise apartment complexes being built all over Utah, which supports a U.N. agenda to get people off their own land where they might be able to grow a good garden and fruit trees. How much more socialism can we stand here in Utah?

This picture of Gov. Herbert was put there to help save his reputation and image because he is destroying it with all the tax hikes he is recently pushing. The cover is propaganda.

Beverly Kingsford, Orem

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