Why is Biden hidin'?

This coming election has become a personality contest. “Hidin’ Biden” sequestered himself in his basement for months, and on rare occasions when he was interviewed, the “selective media” handed him a few softball questions and also hoped he wouldn’t make a rude comment to people or embarrassing gaffesat town hall meetings or his small rallies.

Before becoming the Democrat presidential candidate, complaints of his unwelcome conduct with women and even a sexual accusation were frequently reported on the news. Staying home and out of the limelight served Joe well with less controversy and hides the fact that he is a Trojan horse with Kamala Harris riding into the White House once his ineptitude evolves into more noticeable senility. As next-in-line for the presidency, Kamala must be vetted more closely by voters – she has the most liberal voting record in the Senate and was a former California attorney general and district attorney with a poor criminal justice record.

She has also aligned herself with the ultra-liberal left in the House, taking up their radical torch of the Green New Deal, late-term abortion, elimination of fracking (thus being dependent again on foreign oil instead of using America’s natural power resources), open borders, raising taxes to provide free education and elimination of student debt, loading the Supreme Court with more liberal judges (in 1983 Joe Biden spoke strongly in Congress against adding more judges to the court), and other extreme agendas.

In the days since her nomination as Joe’s running mate, she has not made herself available to reporters to clarify her positions and instead schmoozes with their Hollywood supporters. Common sense and recent democratic stratagem make it obvious that the plan is for Kamala and Nancy Pelosi to run the country with help from the radical left “Squad” in Congress. A big mistake for America and our freedoms!

Joe Biden has been spun into the hometown, good guy without mention of his becoming a multi-millionaire during his years in Washington, D.C. Joe’s son Hunter and other family members also have richly benefited from his dishonest influence during & after his eight-year term as vice president. He is anything but an honest, Christian gentleman as mentioned in an opinion letter published earlier this month.

-- Kay Smith, Mapleton

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