A friend from Vernal told me that Uintah County has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary.

Interesting designation since the Constitution delegated absolutely no power to the federal Congress to legislate about civilian gun ownership, civilian carrying of firearms, or the manufacturing of firearms, but rather, in the 2nd Amendment prohibited the Congress from passing any laws that infringe upon the right of citizens to "keep and bear arms."

What Uintah County has done is to say that federal government's various civilian disarmament laws, infringements, are null and void in their county. That is an example of nullification in use, a process James Madison pointed to as a remedy for reining in outlaw government that is usurping powers outside of its assigned jurisdiction under our Constitution. Powers delegated to the Federal government are listed in our Constitution. The 10th Amendment prohibits that government from usurping additional powers. Nullification of unconstitutional federal measures is catching on. Thirty two states have nullified federal marijuana laws for another example.


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